The Rainbow Junction node (“the RJ node”) is a private sector development consisting of several commercial, corporate and retail developments within the designated node.

The development of this node will follow strict self-imposed policies and procedures for the recruitment and selection of local labour and local enterprises (suppliers, service providers and sub-contractors) and these must be followed by anyone seeking temporary employment in the various construction projects or seeking business as a local supplier/sub-contractor.

As and when required, contractors will employ temporary labourers and use local sub-contractors who are residents of the following wards: 2, 5, 50, 96 and 98.

Ward 96 Ward 2 Ward 5 Ward 50 Ward 98
Soshanguwe Block MM Ninapark Montana Annlin Amandasig (east of Doreen)
Bon Accord AH Pretoria North Montana Ext 2 Wonderboom Clarina
Pyramid Florauna Montana Park Sinoville Eldorette
Haakdoringboom Tileba Montana Gardens Wonderboom AH Heatherdale/View
Honingnestkrans Flora Park Magalieskruin Hesteapark
Onderstepoort SH Dorandia Sinoville Ext Theresapark
Doornpoort Kenley AH Klerksoord
Montana AH Rosslyn
The Orchards (east of Doreen and north of N4*)


  • No labour recruitment will be done at the construction site. The designated Project Resource Manager (PRIM) can be contacted via security on site.
  • Identified local leaders will be informed periodically through the office of the PRIM when opportunities for employment become available in respect of certain categories of labour if required per each development project within the RJ node.
  • Once a request for new general labour is received, jobseekers will be requested to submit their names to the PRIM in line with the type of jobs available for entry onto a data base.


Local suppliers and sub-contractors will be notified via the website whenever a work package becomes available for sub-contracting. The following compliance documents are required to qualify for consideration during bidding:

  1. Certificate of Company Registration;
  2. Certified copies of directors’ South African identity documents;
  3. Proof of physical address (Municipality Bill or Signed Lease Agreement not older than 3 months);
  4. Latest Certificate of registration with the Construction Industry Development Board (for contractors);
  5. Letter of Good Standing from the Commission of Compensation Fund (COIDA);
  6. Valid SARS Tax Clearance Certificate;
  7. Latest BBBEE Certificate or Affidavit; and
  8. Company Profile with proof of previous work (project, client, value and duration) supported by client reference letter or completion certificate).

No applications will be considered on site or outside of the above process. No contractor will be allowed to engage with any association or forum. All companies, developers, contractors and sub-contractors must individually follow the process set in order to be considered for any construction related business opportunity.


Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, the South African Police Service and Rainbow Junction Development Company are aware of illegal activities by some business forums who illegally force contractors to appoint their companies or labour to work on construction projects. To this end, RJDC and any contractors involved in the development will not engage with any business forums or groups on any matter regarding any construction. Any individual or group who elects to use threats, intimidation and violence will face the full might of the law. Furthermore, any person who is not willing to follow the agreed processes of employing labour and procuring supplies, services and contractors will not be considered according to the above summarised policies.